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From my experience and conversations with other social media managers, corporate social media can be a tough nut to crack.

Whilst many of us are brimming with ideas for new, fun and creative social campaigns, a suggestion that is attempting to steer an organisation  out of its comfort zone is often met with some resistance or a straight “no” – even if it will really help engage your audience.

Following these experiences, many people tend to stick to traditional practices and even worse, stop putting forward their creative ideas to avoid further rejection.

However, and without wanting to sound too dramatic, I think this is a tragedy. Which is why at See Media, we want to give one person working in social media the opportunity to bring their campaign ideas to life.

In conjunction with Comms Creatives’ National Social Media Day, we’ll be hosting a live So, you call yourself a social media expert? quiz.

From viral videos to online personalities, and of course a traditional true or false round, we’ll be asking questions all themed around social media.

The winner of the quiz will then be given the opportunity to bask in the glory of being top dog and use the new skills they’ve learned from the day’s activities (and those they’ve got piled up in their personal toolkit) to do a social media takeover of our corporate channels.

Our aim is to support the winner in launching a campaign (with no strings attached) that enables them to showcase some of their brilliant ideas. They can capture  successes, lessons learned and  use this insight to consider an organisation’s own audience to help get over the usual obstacles for launching campaigns.

Sound good? Well, join us and sign-up for your ticket on Eventbrite, here.

P.S We may specialise in UK housing comms, but this quiz isn’t sector specific. So, no matter what area you work in, you can get involved!

P.P.S There’s no limit on the number of people from one organisation who take part. We like a little bit of internal competition.


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Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell is an Account Manager at See Media