From hair to housing

If you don’t know, I’m Eve, the latest addition to the team here at See Media. And let me tell you, my route to housing comms hasn’t been the most conventional, rather like me.  

 Joining as an Account Manager in September this year, it’s certainly been quite a contrast to my previous roles, but a much-needed change. 

The irony of it all is I spent my entire education obsessing over a career in fashion, an industry that couldn’t be further away from housing, and to this day my greatest achievement is my “best dressed” sash from year 13 prom.  

Fast-forward from fashion 

Admittedly, I‘d never even heard of PR and comms until I reached university. One PR module in my second year on a Fashion Communication BA quickly spiralled into unpaid internships, running around central London with collection samples, and being told “it’s not like The Devil Wears Prada” when asked to buy a soy chai latte with a vegan ball. Joking aside, I cherish these experiences, and still chose to pursue a PR career post-graduation. 

 After years of interning, I landed my first role in PR. I worked predominantly within lifestyle – by that I mean anything from hair to construction and candles. 

Whilst it was a great opportunity to sample so many different industries, and develop my skills as an Account Executive into an Account Manager, I found myself not quite aligning with the concept of lifestyle PR.  

 Career move 

The pandemic paired with lockdown meant I had a lot of thinking time. I decided I wanted to invest my skillset somewhere I feel I could contribute to making a valuable difference, so I set my sights on a career move. 

The transition to my new role, in all honesty, was very smooth. I had already become accustomed to remote working, so it made no real difference to me moving to a predominantly remote role. When it comes to communications it’s, well, communications! It’s great to have found myself in an industry that has such a strong transferable skill set. Whether it’s hair or housing, there’s no challenge you can’t overcome.  

 Of course, there’s been, and will always be a lot to learn, but given the resources I’m equipped with and the fantastic team around me it has been an enjoyable process learning and continuing to learn about the housing sector.  

 If anything, I want this to instil that it’s okay to divert from the original plan – nothings set in stone.  

I’m very happy with my move into the world of housing so far and look forward to what 2022 brings!