The publication panic is real. But help is at hand

publication support from see media

As memories of Christmas fade away, it’s that time of year again when, as well as dreaming of sunny holidays, those in the housing sector start thinking, and potentially panicking, about end of year publications and reports. 

So, if the thought of tackling yet another year’s facts and figures makes you need that holiday even more, perhaps now is also the time to take a look at some of the ways we can help. Because believe it or not, at See Media we get quite excited about presenting your successes and stories to the world (yes, it’s a PR thing!).

Financial statements

We love the way settle’s Annual Report and Financial Statements lets readers pick and choose the section they’re interested in. There’s a lot of information that needs reporting at the end of the year but this way of displaying it makes it easy for readers to navigate straight to the sections they’re interested in or just grab information from the highlights or ‘at a glance’ section. 

We created this in our specialist publication software Foleon, meaning it could be adapted as ideas progressed and can be viewed easily on any device. It was very well-received by our client and their target audiences alike. 

Annual reports and reviews 

For a shorter, snappier end of year review, a good example is Mount Green’s Annual Review. We worked closely with the Mount Green team to ensure it included everything that would resonate and be most relevant to residents, as well as making suggestions on how best to present the information to make sure it was accessible. And for the second year running, as you can see in their quote, our client would agree that it was a very pain-free process.

Increased reporting

With accountability and transparency becoming even more important (and expected) in the sector, you may also be producing more specific reports, such as ESG, sustainability, social value or value for money. Take a look at Wilmott Dixon’s Carbon Reduction Report as a great example – we love the bold graphics our designer created and how they break up the text. 

Other opportunities

It’s not just end of year reports we can help with. We also created this series of Brilliant Buildings publications, focussing on specific themes and developments. We worked with our client to create the template and now produce each issue, making their life easier and ours more fun! 

Another great example is this regeneration brochure, developed as a central resource for residents and key stakeholders to stay up to date with Leeds Federated’s Sugar Hill Close and Wordsworth Drive regeneration. Hosting this in Foleon gives us huge flexibility in making updates as we go along with the project, and this one even includes an ongoing timeline which can be continually updated with all the communications and project information.

If you’re feeling inspired to approach your publications a little differently this year and would like any support, send us a message on