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Campbell Tickell branding

Campbell Tickell branding‘Trust and Change’ – A visual identity without eyes

One of my favourite things about working with See Media is developing and presenting visual identity concepts for clients in close collaboration with Stuart, who I suspect (like me) sees this as one of the more fun parts of his job. It is even better when you are asked back over the years to review and update the brand collateral. Happily, this is what has happened with Campbell Tickell.

Following our first face-to-face sessions with the team, it was clear Campbell Tickell was very keen on our idea of an illustration-based identity. There was some work to do first to ensure a firm foundation for refreshed visual branding.

Brand values

Having worked with the Campbell Tickell team to define ‘Trust’ and ‘Change’ as key brand values, we looked to build a visual identity that carefully balanced these two themes. It was important to ‘anchor’ the brand with a respectable, type-only logo. And a predominantly ‘safe’ blue colour palette. Once we’d done that, we moved onto the more fun bit.

There is a fair amount of this type of character-based ‘vector’ illustration around, so we were keen to take ours a step further and make Campbell Tickell’s illustrations stand out. We did this by giving them some depth, choosing to base characters and settings around real life Campbell Tickell case studies.  

Delivering change

It was important to involve Campbell Tickell as much as possible in the creative process. Stuart and I had lots of fun developing materials for – and hosting – the initial brand workshop. We asked Zina, Greg and the rest of the team to select people, places and examples of Campbell Tickell ‘delivering change’ for their clients. These were whittled down in post-it note sessions in the afternoon until we had written descriptions of six detailed scenes.

The next stage was gathering images on Pinterest boards to help the illustrator visualise and draw the characters and settings. This led eventually to some quite complex illustrated scenes featuring the interactions between Campbell Tickell employees and their clients. These were set in real life buildings and scenarios, as well as including some fun peripheral characters.

The eyes have it (or not)

Stuart and I had fun sweating the odd details, and we agonised over the following fine points: 

  • Was a baby in a family picnic scene floating in the air above its parents, or in fact, just a bit further away? (it was the latter)
  • Whether there were too many bald men? (there were!) 
  • Was one of the characters meant to be Greg from Campbell Tickell? (it wasn’t) 
  • Whether it was critical that the characters had eyes (we decided it wasn’t) 

Since completing the first visual identity for the launch of the updated brand, we have twice revisited the illustrations to keep them relevant to Campbell Tickell’s work. Each time we have asked our very patient illustrator to depict further scenes in the same style covering charity fundraising, property maintenance, video conferencing and other themes. Also, in the most recent iteration, we developed scenes showing social housing projects and famous landmarks in Dublin, Manchester and Glasgow. These were integrated with real imagery of people (with eyes!), evolving the visual identity further. 

Each time Stuart and I have got stuck in with our Pinterest moodboard imagery, and each time I’ve been impressed by Stuart’s attention to detail and dedication to visual consistency.

Further branding support

We applied this illustrated visual identity to the Campbell Tickell website as well as print ads, social graphics, business cards, regular Campbell Tickell publications, exhibition graphics, and a full-height wall mural for Campbell Tickell’s offices.  

Campbell Tickell continues to have really positive reactions to the visual identity we created and maintain for them, and we continue to enjoy a really good relationship.

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Nick Watts, Associate, See Media