See Media Stories – Lydia Stockdale

Happy 10th Birthday, See Media! I’m very proud to be able to say I was there for more than half that time, and it was a hugely important part of my life and career.

 When I think about my years at See Media, my mind immediately goes to days of the Covid-19 lockdowns, and to how we would get together virtually every morning and finish off the weeks with games and quizzes on Friday afternoons. 

 That was the first time I’d ever really let the boundary between my work life and home life slip. I think I’d previously been quite guarded, because that was just the way of the world until that point.

 But soon we had our kids popping up during calls and we talked a lot about the things we were dealing with outside of work. We helped one another through all those strange and difficult months we also had loads of in-depth conversations about the housing sector and our role as PR professionals; and, as a result, we thrived as a team and as a business.

 The pandemic was such a poignant time, and I was extremely fortunate to be working with people whose friendship, opinions, and professional judgement I still value so much. We became familiar with one another’s families on-screen, so much so that, when I met one of Sarah’s sons and Sara’s partner in real life a few weeks ago, I gave them both massive hugs, forgetting that I’d never actually seen them in-person before.

 I can’t write about See Media without focussing on Stuart. I’d already worked for Stuart when he was editor of Inside Housing for five years before joining him at his fledgling agency, that was set to grow and do remarkable things. 

 Working for See Media was mostly home-based, which was obviously brilliant, but I’m even more grateful for the fact that I got to work for such a strong, smart, empowering, and good person at the point where I was still trying to find my feet as a working mother.

 Stuart taught me how to be a good manager, how to trust people unless they give you cause not to, and how to handle even the most difficult situations with a cool head, grace and humility. I work hard to follow his example.

 So, many happy returns, See Media. Congratulations on all of your success during your first decade, and here’s to many more years of being a pioneering agency, working with the most wonderful clients and showing others what being a great employer is all about.