About Us

We provide strategic communications support to the UK’s housing sector

See Media vision 

The housing sector providing affordable homes in thriving communities that people are proud to live in – and the right people knowing this story.

See Media mission

To use our storytelling know-how, communications expertise and contacts to support the housing sector to deliver a range of good-quality, affordable homes, to engage with customers, and to enable individuals and communities to thrive.

See Media values:

  • Intelligent – we consider all the options and follow the right one
  • Creative – we push ourselves to find the best, not the first solution
  • Expert – we know the housing, local government and development sectors inside out
  • Connected – we know and grow our network every day
  • Insightful – we spot the opportunities others miss
  • Empowering – we provide support and opportunity for our people, and our clients
  • Engaged – we are part of the housing sector and give back
What We Do

See Media provides a complete end to end service for all your communication needs.

Our Work

We have a number of great case studies highlighting our work.