Health and Safety Policy

This statement on health and safety at work policy is made in accordance with section 2(3) of the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 (UK) on behalf of See Media for our employees in relation to projects in the UK and regards the promotion of health and safety as an essential objective.

Our policy is to provide and maintain, as far as reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy working environment for all staff, visitors, guests, subcontractors and clients at our working premises, who may be affected by our operations.

The main objectives of this policy are to:

  • Promote and provide a safe and healthy working environment. This includes the provision of all premises, including office hubs;
  • Encourage safe and comfortable systems of work, in all our working environments, including facilities and equipment for the welfare of our staff, visitors, guests and clients;
  • Review colleague home-working arrangements to ensure safe;
  • Provide office furniture and equipment, where required, to ensure a safe and healthy home-working environment;
  • Assess home workers DSE (Display Screen Equipment) and ergonomics annually and provide clear information and training, as necessary;
  • Ensure all supplied equipment is safe and compliant with health and safety regulations; full training given where required
  • Provide safe arrangements for work related travel – journeys and accommodation, where needed;
  • Effectively manage and monitor and regularly update our health and safety arrangements;
  • Increase the awareness of all staff of their responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and others;
  • Ensure a systematic approach to risk management;
  • Provide annual free eye testing for all team members;
  • Ensure competent personnel are assigned, to enable the implementation and management of this policy;
  • Follow recommendations from the Department of Health and Health and Safety Executive;
  • Provide a route for communication on health and safety matters to external agencies such as enforcing authorities;
  • Consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety.

See Media also recognises that a good health and safety culture at work is the responsibility of everyone within the organisation.

It is the responsibility and duty of the Management to comply with the letter and spirit of the policy. It is the duty and responsibility of staff, visitors, guests, and clients to take reasonable care of themselves and others who could be affected by their acts and omissions.

Continual improvement in health and safety provisions will be sought and procedures and suggestions from employees to this effect will be welcomed and should be submitted to the Managing Director.

See Media will ensure that this policy is kept up to date through an annual review and amended as necessary. The policy may be reviewed more frequently in the light of significant changes in legislation or guidance.

The Managing Director and Directors fully endorse this Policy.

Effective Date 

This policy is effective from September 2023 

Next Review: September 2024 

Stuart Macdonald, Managing Director, See Media 0121 827 6622