Podcasting, webinars and events

At See Media, we focus on helping our clients adapt to changing circumstances. As a team, we are constantly learning about new ways to communicate, in order to support organisations as they consider creative options for reaching their target audiences.
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In 2020, See Media won a PRCA Dare Award for a podcast series we produced for a housing association client. Over recent years, we’ve quickly built up an enviable amount of podcasting expertise – in fact, in their spare time, one of our team members is managing the production of a podcast series for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) itself.

We take care of everything involved in the creation of a podcast series for internal and/or external audiences, including planning, scripting, interviewing, editing, and streaming, creating distinctive audio and visual identities that help our clients stand out from the crowd.

Our clients find that podcasts help them to achieve clearer, more integrated thought leadership, and add value to existing events and publications, providing stakeholders with an alternative, more flexible way of listening to what their organisation and its people have to say.


The best webinars leave you feeling uplifted and inspired, and See Media works hard to ensure the online sessions we run on behalf of our clients are well planned and lively, with a strong call to action.

We help our clients to pinpoint the groups of stakeholders they want to engage with through a webinar, and what they want them to learn through logging into their event.

Our team co-ordinates the whole process of setting up a webinar, from inviting and briefing guest speakers, to attracting participants, holding practice sessions to chairing the discussion itself.

A recorded webinar can be used for PR outreach and stakeholder engagement long after the session is finished, and See Media helps clients to share this valuable visual content. Our team also develops thought leadership based on the conversations that took place during a webinar and finds ways to build on the relationships formed through hosting the event.

Face-to-face events

When restrictions permit, See Media co-ordinates successful face-to-face events, working with clients find locations, develop agendas, line-up speakers, and invite stakeholders.

Our team members have worked on all sorts of events, including community consultations, launch events, and seminars and roundtables.

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