Annual Review

Mount Green

Clare Maryan

We see See Media as an extended part of our team – this approach absolutely works, and we are a very happy client. In relation to this piece of work, See Media once again understood our needs and thought of one or two extras we didn’t know we wanted but jumped on as soon as they were suggested. The brief was brought to life; a smooth, pain-free process, delivered on time, and with that extra piece of magic that See Media bring.

Assistant Director of Corporate Services


Mount Green Housing Association is based in Leatherhead, with 1600 properties mainly within the communities of Surrey and North Sussex. For 60 years Mount Green has met the housing needs of individuals, couples and families, offering a range of affordable, good quality accommodation for local people to rent or part buy/part rent. Mount Green develops and builds properties whilst striving to adapt, maintain and improve residents’ homes and neighbourhoods.

The Challenge

Mount Green wanted to refresh its Annual Review for residents, as well as expand the content to include new areas of work they had done – across the previous year.

What did we do?

We worked with Mount Green’s team to evaluate earlier Annual Reviews and make recommendations on the type of content that would be of interest to residents.
We then worked on a plan using some of the information used in previous versions alongside some new sections. We also developed fresh ways of displaying financial and numerical information to make it easier to digest.

An initial plan was then approved and a first layout with draft copy was produced for review. This included summarised information from Mount Green’s more detailed financial reports. Once revisions were agreed, we created the final version for Mount Green’s Resident Committee Group (RCG) and Board to approve.

In keeping with Mount Green’s focus on resident engagement and producing easily accessible publications, we worked with our designer to create a colourful, impactful and accessible document. Our work took into consideration plain language, accessibility and diversity recommendations in the design and written elements of the Annual Review and used bright engaging images that would interest the readers, namely residents themselves.

Due to working closely with the Mount Green senior and communications team, minimal edits were required, and the Annual Review was completed and approved within the set timelines.


The 2021/22 Annual Review was completed on time and published to a wide range of stakeholders and customers through Mount Green’s website.

Following the success of the Annual Review project, See Media was also commissioned to complete the 2022/23 version of Mount Green’s Annual Review

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