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Drawing out our expertise and experience in the various sectors we build in, Brilliant Buildings allows us to pass on our knowledge to readers through a vibrant series of publications. Thanks to See Media’s creativity and consistently professional approach, we can effectively share our know-how and lessons learnt, providing a reference point that people refer to time and again, with several thousand downloads of various editions on our website.

Chief Communications Officer, Willmott Dixon


Willmott Dixon is a privately-owned construction group with an aim to deliver brilliant buildings, transform lives, strengthen communities and enhance the environment for future generations. Working across a variety of sectors including housing, transport, education, leisure and healthcare, Willmott Dixon prides itself on delivering projects and services that are of lasting value to the neighbourhoods it works in. 

Willmott Dixon brilliant buildings magazine
The Challenge

Working across a variety of sectors and projects, Willmott Dixon asked us to develop a way of showcasing the range and variety of their work, focussing on current key messages and projects. The objective was to promote and share prominent projects and learnings with peers and potential clients, creating topic and sector focussed publications which would highlight Willmott Dixon’s expertise and experience, with the potential to be used to secure new business from potential new clients.

What did we do?

We worked with Willmott Dixon’s communications team to come up with ideas to showcase the range of work the organisation does along with its expertise and high-quality projects. The team loved our idea of a series of publications that could be produced to focus on one sector, project or topic, depending on what work was being done at that time and what key messages they were trying to promote, and so the Brilliant Buildings series was created.

Our design team created a choice of concepts for the publication that would be distinctive, as well as flexible enough to showcase the range of work Willmott Dixon does. Our layout templates ensured generous space for images, supported by frequent quick-reference boxes, allowing each project to leap from the page.

Each edition is a stand-alone magazine-format publication that is hosted on the Willmott Dixon website in PDF format, with printed versions available to be shared with peers and clients, and for the Business Development team to use to help secure new business and clients.

Individual publications, whilst following a consistent template ensuring they are recognisable as part of the series, can be focussed as required; by sector, such as housing, leisure, education or healthcare; by topic, for example sustainability; or by project – showcasing a specific development such as Harris Academy, the first UK secondary school built to Passivhaus standards or the Gascoigne neighbourhood regeneration. 

We produce 2-4 Brilliant Buildings publications each year, as needed by Willmott Dixon. Content is supplied to us if available, or further research is carried out if necessary, with succinct and engaging copy being produced to compliment high-quality photography of ongoing or completed projects. 

The professional finish of the publications is a conscious choice, reflecting the high-quality work clients will receive from this well-established and innovative national construction company. 

Willmott Dixon Brilliant Buildings magazine
Willmott Dixon print support

The Brilliant Buildings series has received several thousand downloads from Willmott Dixon’s website and has helped our client secure more work with existing and potential clients. 

Following an idea generated by See Media, we have now been working with the Willmott Dixon team for over six years. This speaks for itself in terms of the value the client sees in the project and our enduring partnership to produce this successful series of publications.

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